About Us

Welcome to Avision Printers

Avision has dedicated itself to the innovation and development of printers and deliver products that meet customers’ needs. As product and product concept are developed based on users’ perspective, Avision aims to offer best user experience by simplifying the operation procedure and implementing truly user-friendly user interfaces.
Combining expertise from various fields including image processing, printing, precision machinery, system control, LPH(LED Print Head) core technology, and chip development, Avision is one of the few companies who have the capabilities of developing and manufacturing products. With strong capability in development and outstanding product quality, Avision has become the top choice for renown worldwide suppliers as well as government agencies.

Our Vision

Committed to providing our Clients with reliable and professional printer solutions emphasizing safety, quality and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of printer services to the all industry.

Our Values

  • Leadership
    Dynamic consistent and effective leadership
  • Accountability
    Setting the standards for corporate responsibility through transparency
  • Quality
    Focused on improving and delivering consistent quality services
  • Teamwork
    Working together cohesively to achieve common goals
  • Commitment
    Committed to delivering excellence

Environmental Policy

Green Procurement

  • We fulfill our social responsibility to protect the Earth’s environment, is committed to promoting environment protection activities.
  • At every stage, from product development to manufacturing, we endeavor to identify substances contained in materials in order to prohibit and reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances and to suppress emissions. Therefore we are calling our suppliers for understanding and cooperation in our ecological activities.