Professionalism, efficiency and dedication to our clients is the basis of our business attitude. We hereby not only focus on the main transaction/contracting, but also provides an excellent and devoted post-fixture/post-sale service to our clientele. Furthermore, we not only focus on the contracting of ships but is also able to provide detailed and up-to-date market intelligence to assist our customers in the crucial decision-making process.

We aim to provide the best service possible to our clients. Our clients and partners can trust that honesty and reliability is the foundation of our Team.

With our years of presence in shipping, our trusted brokers work closely with key decision-makers worldwide. They have access to the latest local trends, news and transactions and are all equipped and capable of conducting the business locally with the support of a highly skilled organisation.

We pride ourselves on holding the very latest information and market data for transactions in the dry cargo, container, tanker and offshore markets. Our brokers provide clients with instant knowledge and – via a professional research team – the short-term view is combined with a long-term forecast providing a proper decision base.

We Have Experience In Concluding Voyage Charters, Time Charters, Period Charter Parties As Well As Industrial Contracts Including Contracts Of Affreightment (COA).

  • The Vessel Chartering Services offered by us are widely demanded amidst the customers for transparency in dealing.
  • The chartering market is filled with risks; making timely service, global coverage, strong relationships and canny broking and negotiating skills vital for successful fixing.
  • Our firm belief in people, leadership and technical excellence results in a highly efficient, safe and reliable service that enables us to provide the best possible returns for our clients.

Wet Cargo Chartering

Our team delivers best-in-class performance in all three major deep sea markets – crude oil, ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ petroleum products. We facilitate deals between oil companies, traders and shipowners, and negotiate for cargoes to be transported between producers and refiners. The size of tankers we deal with ranges from 20,000 dwt ships carrying refined petroleum products (including naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil) to crude oil tankers on a day-to-day basis our team handles all aspects of spot chartering and longer-period time charters.

Dry Cargo Chartering

Dry Cargo chartering is a varied and complex market involving more than three billion tonnes of cargo each year. The Dry Cargo market relies on a wide range of vessels and covers all the world’s major trade routes. We are experienced in spot chartering for individual voyages and the time charter of vessels for short or long term charter cover.


Our clients are owner shaving fleet of vessels include Accommodation Barges, AHT/AHTS, PSVs, DP2s, Landing Crafts, Crew Boats, Multicats, Utility Vessels, Jack-up Barges, SSRVs. From sourcing the vessel to operating them, we offer one stop chartering experience to our clients.